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Hi! I am Ravi, from Chennai, India. I am an amateur artist, but have serious plans to turn into pro, in the future.


Though I do not have a formal education in Art, constant encouragement from my family members and friends, made me take up this in-built talent more seriously. Reading books on various methods of paintings, analysing work of great masters - Constable, Turner, Ravi Verma - have been my inspiration to try various methods of paintings before settling down to my own style.


I do oil on canvass mostly and some times prefer oil on paper, water colours, poster colours and occassionally oil pastels also. The subjects which naturally comes to me are landscapes depicting light and shades, 'Chiaroscuro' type of night scenes with play of light in darkness, and 'human' in various moods and state.

Besides painting, I have a flair for comic strips mainly for children which depicts humour.

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